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Desktop locking security utility to protect desktop when you are not near PC
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14 March 2013

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Computer systems are considered to be omnipresent nowadays with each and every one of us having it and using it successfully and practically for various purposes. A home user needs it for surfing the web and to work on absolutely any random task; professional needs to work on it and a shop keeper can also have it to manage his store and sales easily. However, many a time our personal computers are used by third party as well and if we are not present, we can never ascertain what all files were accessed over the system. We always wish to have a locking system which can help in restricting access to your system as you desire. Access Controller 3.395 is such a program that can duly assist in locking up the system as desired by the user.

Access Controller upon launch opens with a neatly arranged interface that has all the major tools placed at the top and the main screen showing up the list of events which can be locked as desired by the user. The application works as a unique desktop locking utility and can be managed with a password in the Options to select the locking command. The locking facility can be automatically activated on boot with clicking an icon in the system tray and also enforce a customized background image. It easily supports a simple and user friendly messaging system that allows the visitors to leave any message over the screen on the locked desktop. The user can choose any of the two locking modes available that can use a screen saver or without a screen saver that prevents anyone to have a look in the system.

Overall, Access Controller 3.395 can certainly work as an enhanced program that works interactively for blocking access to a computer and thus earns a rating of four points for its utility value and practical usage.

Publisher's description

Access Controller is a desktop locking security utility you can use to protect your desktop when you are not near your PC. To activate protection, define a password in Options, and select the Lock command. Password protection can be automatically activated on boot or with a click of an icon in the system tray. You can also log access attempts and enforce a custom background image. Access Controller supports a simple messaging system to allow your visitors to leave short messages on your locked desktop. Access Controller gives you two locking methods: with hiding your desktop and using a screen saver; and without hiding to allow others to see what is happening on your desktop. The second method is good for showrooms where you need to demonstrate something to your customers.
Access Controller
Access Controller
Version 3.314
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